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Meladerm Microdermbration Cloth

Perfect scrub to an absolute smooth and youthful skin with Meladerm microdermbration cloth

Meladerm microdermbration clothFlawless skin that is smooth and glowing is always a dream of many women. Not many women have this gifted skin and so indulge in several beauty therapies to enhance their natural beauty. They also spend a lot of money on make-up and other cosmetics which are all loaded with chemicals that causes lot of side effects.

When exposed to pollution and sun, the skin tends to become greasy and prone to acne. One must be very careful to keep the skin clean so that the pores does not get clogged which becomes the major reason for acne, dull and lifeless skin. Make use of the Meladerm microdermbration cloth that absorbs the dirt and on regular use the skin tends to sparkle a natural glow.

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Meladerm cream and their skin range products is just the perfect friend for the women’s skin. Made with ingredients from the nature’s basket, the products offer stunning results that is at par with any chemical treatment. Meladerm microdermbration cloth is one such product that has been made to wipe off the accumulated dust and dirt.

Why use Meladerm microdermbration cloth

Rediscover the freshness of your skin with the Meladerm microdermbration cloth that gently removes all the dirt and pollutants off your skin. The radiance and the glow after the use of the cloth are unmatchable.


    • before after microderm clothEfficiently cleans: Make up and other pollutants are effectively removed without leaving any sediment by Meladerm microdermbration cloth.


    • Easy to carry: it is a wonder beauty product which is easy to carry while you travel as it snugly fits in your handbags


    • Easy to use: it does not require elaborate process and a must product for super woman with time constraint


  • Repetitive use: the cloth can be effectively used several times which does not affect its efficacy

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What goes into its making?

Getting rid of the dead cell has never been so easy with Meladerm microdermbration cloth that can cleanse the skin thoroughly. The micro fibres present in the cloth acts as a scrubber and exfoliate the skin. When the pores are properly cleaned, it will breathe and the result is a bright and attractive skin. Also, when meladerm cream is applied after scrubbing using the cloth, the skin tends to absorb the cream much effectively.

these are the major ingredients of the cloth that prevents any kind of fungal infection. Cucumber is yet another component that can leave your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. The micro fibres also help in removing the excess oil and thereby maintain the natural hydration of the skin avoiding pimples and other acne issues.

Usage instruction

cloth usageWash your face with water and use a clean towel until it is dry. Wet the Meladerm microdermbration cloth and gently wipe your face and neck. The cloth is very mild and soft but effectively removes all the dirt stuck to your skin. Follow it with the meladerm cream providing smooth and youthful looking skin.

Where to buy:

Looking for Meladerm Microdermbration Cloth price in India? Always buy the Microdermbration Cloth only from a trusted seller . Best way is book your orders only at the site of the manufacturer: www.civantskincare.com


  1. Please tell me the price of meladerm with its features. I mean weight. Thank you

  2. Hello,i Am from Bihar. Can i purchase meladerm from india. Please tell me the price and gm

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