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Civant Meladerm Eye Complex

Meladerm Eye complex to get that much desired attractive eyes

Civant Meladerm Eye ComplexFace is the index of mind and eyes forms the significant element that speaks a millions of expressions. As we age skin problems poses many concerns which may be difficult to tackle. Besides, the modern age lifestyle with long work hours and excessive pollution is taking its toll on our skin posing dark spots, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes.

Though the cosmetic industry has several products to hide your dark circles through eye makeup, the problem is never cured. The root cause of the problems needs to be identified and the perfect therapy must be given.

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Why use Meladerm Eye complex

Several eye creams that are available in the market are loaded with chemical which can cause harmful side effects. Eyes are the most delicate gift of God and you must be extremely cautious in choosing the eye creams. Meladerm Eye complex is a revolutionary product that is made from natural substance and is free from steroids, mercury or parabens providing with visible results right from its first use. The perfect blend of natural substances makes it a safe and effective product in curing the dark circles and crow’s feet, signs of aging and over exposure to sun. The following points make eye complex an indispensable product for treating dark circles:

  • Natural product
  • Very effective
  • safe to use
  • Easy to use

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Composition of Meladerm Eye complex

The cream is formulated using the most essential vitamins that perform its functions of nourishing and healing properties for the eyes.

Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant, vitamin C boosts the formation of the collagen that is present in cornea of the eyes. It is also a great element in supporting the capillaries of the retina of the eyes.

Vitamin A: A great cure for the formation of wrinkles and acne. Beta carotene present in vitamin A helps in tackling the aging skin issues.

Vitamin K: the anti-aging peptides present in vitamin K is good to erase the dark circles

Vitamin E: aid in the revitalisation of the aging skin by fading the dark spots and scars. The antioxidants present in vitamin E fights against the free radicals caused by exposure to UV rays.

Vitamin Complex: It keeps the skin smooth, soft and glowing by providing the required moisturisation.

Application of the eye complex

Follow a regular skin regime to get visible results right from the first use. Make use of the Meladerm cleanser and meladerm purifying facial toner to clean the face and apply the meladerm cream which acts as a great moisturiser. Then apply the Meladerm Eye complex around the eyes by giving a gentle massage. Do not give must pressure on the areas around the eyes as it tends to be very delicate. The eye complex is so formulated that it fosters quick absorption into the skin. Saggy and puffy eyes are things of past with the regular application of Meladerm Eye complex.

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  1. Make up can hide our dark circles but not remove them. Meladerm is really effective in removing them. I will definitely recommend it.

  2. HI …can u please tell the Indian price of the mela derm cream.I want to know the Indian amount..value..I want to buy this product… And also share what type of face cream is available in this product..

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