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Civant Aha Exfoliating Serum in India

aha exfoliating serum
aha exfoliating serum

Proper skin care regime is essential to maintain the natural glow of the skin. Exfoliation is a major step in the skin care process. The skin naturally sheds off the dead cell and keeps your skin smooth and gentle. But, as you age this natural process may not be performed by the skin efficiently. That is the reason there is a need for exfoliating serums which can subtly remove the dead cells and reveal a brighter and fresher skin.

Aha serum is made with unique composition and is mild on skin too. Proper use of the product helps in prevention of wrinkle formation, fine lines due to aging, discoloration, skin issues caused by sun and many more. Many of the serums available in the market can be extremely harsh on your skin due to the strong chemicals present in them. Lot of research and study have led to the development of this wonder exfoliating agent Aha serum.

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Why use Aha Exfoliating Serum

The key to a radiant and glowing skin is the regular use of the exfoliating agents. Aha serum contains glycolic acid which is known for exfoliating the dead cells. The serum smoothly removes the dead cells and improves the overall complexion of the skin. You can get rid of the dryness through the regular application of the meladerm cream after the use of the Aha serum. People with uneven skin tone can be benefitted by the proper use of the Aha serum along with the meladerm cream. Younger looking skin that is smooth, firm and free off any dark spots is what you get by the regular use of Aha serum.

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Composition of Aha serum

meladerm ingredientsThe composition of this amazing serum is made after a lot of study and research. The product is completely paraben free which means that there is no toxic substance and so very safe for all skin types. Some of the ingredients are:

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid: comes under the category of natural acids and includes lactic acid, citric acid and glycolic acid. Its best used for treating acne, dry skin and melasma.

Niacin amide: is a great element in improving the skin elasticity and firmness thereby reducing the aging effects. The vitamin B3 is useful for reviving the dry and uneven skin tone.

Potassium hydroxide: It is used to control ph. levels in the serum

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C): this is a latest derivative of the vitamin c group and is a rich source of antioxidant capable of treating effectively the acne problems and also aids in skin whitening.

How to Use

Aha serum comes in a convenient bottle with the dropper. Use the product twice daily to get better results. Clean the skin using the Civant meladerm antioxidant facial Cleanser and pat the skin dry. Take few drops of the serum using the given dropper and gently apply the same evenly on the face and neck. Apply Meladerm such that it covers the whole face.

Where to buy Civant Aha Exfoliating Serum in India?

Looking for Civant Aha Exfoliating Serum price in India? Always buy the cream only from a trusted seller to avoid fake product usage. Get your Aha serum direct from the manufacturer at www.civantskincare.com and let your skin regenerate with a unique radiance.


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      until you stop breast feeding don’t use meladerm. You have to use both of them separately, not by mixing.

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