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Meladerm Purifying Facial Toner

Meladerm Purifying Facial TonerIndulge in an effective skin care regime with Meladerm purifying facial toner

Skin is a very delicate part that wraps the body and keeps it well protected. However, the facial skin is often bearing the ill effects posed by the changing weather conditions. To aggravate the condition, pollution is also contributing to dull and lifeless skin. Getting such flawless skin does not require any rocket science. All that is needed is a proper regular skin care routine.

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Detailed skin regime is no longer possible for many women owing to their load of chores and time constraints. Taking this into consideration, Civant has come out with a range of skin care products that are easy to use and proven to give desirable effects. The Meladerm purifying facial toner is one such product that has the essential nutrients drawn from the natural sources and formulated into easy to use toner form.

Many of the toners contain parabens and steroids which may give you the impression of good results but only for a short period of time. But, the side effects tend to be drastic and may cause permanent marks on your skin. Meladerm purifying facial toner is a unique and innovative product free from such toxin substance and thus you get the results that are permanent.

Effects of Meladerm purifying facial toner

Toner helps in maintaining the ph. balance and is the second step in your skin care routine. The meladerm cleanser removes the dirt and dust clogging the pores and gives out an attractive glow to the skin. The pure and natural elements in the Meladerm purifying facial toner will perform the functions of cleansing as well as restoring the ph. levels of the skin.

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After the cleansing the pores tend to open up and so it is very important to make use of the Meladerm purifying facial toner to shrink the pores and keep your skin ready for applying the meladerm cream. This acts as a great moisturiser and penetrates deeper into the skin to give a healthy and youthful skin. Skin tightening is aided through the use of toner and thus helps in tackling the problems of sagging and other aging issues. If you have an oily skin, then Meladerm purifying facial toner is good to prevent the excessive secretion of the oil and the resulting acne.

Composition of Meladerm purifying facial toner

Some of the major elements that goes into the making of the wonder product:

  • Green tea extracts, chamomile, lemon juice and ginger
  • Glycolic acid, kojic acid, salicyclic acid
  • Witch hazel, vitamin A, jojoba oil

With so many pure and gentle ingredients, your skin is sure to get tender care and nourishment.

Usage instruction

Clean the face with the civant meladerm antioxidant facial cleanser and apply the Meladerm purifying facial toner with the cotton balls. Wipe the face thoroughly to reveal skin that is clean and pure from deep inside. Always follow it with the meladerm cream for smooth skin.

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