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Meladerm Cream

Meladerm Cream – Reveal a brighter and lighter skin tone the natural way

Getting a lighter skin tone is the dream of many men and women. Frequent exposure to the harmful rays of sun, dust and pollution may rip off the natural complexion of the skin. It may lead to problems such as hyperpigmentation, acne marks and so on.

The beauty market is flooded with products with tall claims of transforming you into a fairy overnight. Most of the products are chemicals based which gives you a temporary result but may gift you with plenty of permanent side effects.

Made of natural ingredients and free of any toxic substance, Meladerm cream is the ultimate facial cream that is capable of giving you a skin with healthy glow and a natural brightness.

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Composition of this Meladerm Cream

Loaded with natural substance that is known to provide with exceptional results, Meladerm cream lightens the skin gently. The cream is made of the following natural ingredients which aid in proven skin benefits:

meladerm ingredientsMulberry extract: rich in anti-oxidants they are good to reduce the aging spots. Mulberry extract aids in better synthesis of melanin and has effective anti-aging benefits too.

Lemon juice: a store of vitamins and anti-bacterial properties, lemon juice is capable of reducing the scars and dark spots. The citric acid of lemon is a great exfoliator to remove the dead cells and reveals a fresh and brighter skin.

Bear berry extract: this is a natural sun screen as it reduces the ill effects of sun exposure and sun tanning considerably. It is also proven to stabilize the molecules that is a major cause for premature wrinkle formation, a sign of aging.

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Liquorice: with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, these are very useful to brighten the skin effectively.

Effects of the cream

meladerm face creamHyperpigmentation is a major issue that can cause the excessive formation of melanin leaving black spots on the face. Meladerm cream is proven to get rid of the acne marks, sun spots, freckles and other scars. People with uneven skin complexion can be benefitted by the regular application of the cream.

Application of the cream

  1. Wash your face thoroughly using a mild foaming agent.
  2. Apply a thin layer of the Meladerm cream such that it covers the face and the neck completely.

Repeat this twice a day to reveal Healthy and Glowing skin.

Final Verdict: Is Meladerm Cream Worth It?

yesAnswer: Yes!

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It takes less time to apply.

Effective on all skin types (Normal, Oily and Dry)

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2. Meladerm purifying facial toner helps in maintaining the ph. balance and is the second step in your skin care routine.
3. Civant Meladerm Aha Exfoliating Serum smoothly removes the dead cells and improves the overall complexion of the skin.


  1. hi,

    Is this works for dark indian skin male,I have lot of acne scars in my cheeks and black acne marks in nose.

  2. I want to know d cost of d cream

  3. hi mam im tina from bangalore i tried using so many products n home remedies for my dark skin but no any changes i got finaly result was little more darked my skin, can i belive 100% this cream will works grate or not will buy or not plzzzzzzz honestly u suggest me to which one is best for dark skin

  4. Hi on my face one big scare and most of dark spots and chikenpox holes are there i am nt getting what to do i hav read abt meladrema creame its price is too high any other creame is thr fr middle class people i am very worryed abt my face bcz of tht i wont go out most pls help me mam to get out of ths face problems pls.pls in case if i buyed meladrema cream it is effective on ths face problems

    • Hi,

      If the spot is growing, we suggest consulting with a doctor to determine if there is a more serious underlying condition.

  5. I live in khammam telangana state…..I need to buy the cream..
    .How much vl b the cost n cn I get it by cod

  6. Hai I am in tamilnadu .I decided to buy this how shipping charge .I want to know the total amount in indian price .is it delivered to all places village also

  7. Hi,
    I have lighter hyper pigmentation and pores on on my cheek. I have tried several creams but results were not upto the mark.
    I read several reviews about Meladerm Cream and found it as interesting product.
    I want to buy the product, so i just want to ask- Can i get the creams in Stores, medical shops, spas in India? (specially in Delhi) i.e. in offline mode …


  8. Hi am in tamilnadu i want to buy meladerm but i dont have creditcard or paypal…how to order

  9. Hi Tejaswi,
    I am from Nagaland , 3years back I used melacream (2%Hydroquinonone )just once on the cheek area and it turned red and the next day it turned dark and since then the dark spot is always there and gets darker in the sun inspite of using sunscreen.Have seen dermatologist and used a lot of creams but not much difference at present am using products by Clinique (dark spot corrector,day cream with spf,night cream) I would like to know whether the melacream that is available in India and which I used is similar to meladerm cream, also if I use meladerm will it affect my skin more? Is it okay if I use meladerm without consulting a dermologist?

    • Yes you can stop your melacream product and switch to Meladerm. On average, you can expect to start seeing an improvement within 1 month of regular use. The use of a proper sunblock of at least SPF 30 during the day will greatly improve the effectiveness of our product. We recommend you try the Meladerm cream for yourself and see how well it can work for you.

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