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Meladerm Cream

Meladerm Cream – Reveal a brighter and lighter skin tone the natural way

Getting a lighter skin tone is the dream of many men and women. Frequent exposure to the harmful rays of sun, dust and pollution may rip off the natural complexion of the skin. It may lead to problems such as hyperpigmentation, acne marks and so on.

The beauty market is flooded with products with tall claims of transforming you into a fairy overnight. Most of the products are chemicals based which gives you a temporary result but may gift you with plenty of permanent side effects.

Made of natural ingredients and free of any toxic substance, Meladerm cream is the ultimate facial cream that is capable of giving you a skin with healthy glow and a natural brightness.

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Composition of this Meladerm Cream

Loaded with natural substance that is known to provide with exceptional results, Meladerm cream lightens the skin gently. The cream is made of the following natural ingredients which aid in proven skin benefits:

meladerm ingredientsMulberry extract: rich in anti-oxidants they are good to reduce the aging spots. Mulberry extract aids in better synthesis of melanin and has effective anti-aging benefits too.

Lemon juice: a store of vitamins and anti-bacterial properties, lemon juice is capable of reducing the scars and dark spots. The citric acid of lemon is a great exfoliator to remove the dead cells and reveals a fresh and brighter skin.

Bear berry extract: this is a natural sun screen as it reduces the ill effects of sun exposure and sun tanning considerably. It is also proven to stabilize the molecules that is a major cause for premature wrinkle formation, a sign of aging.

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Liquorice: with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, these are very useful to brighten the skin effectively.

Effects of the cream

meladerm face creamHyperpigmentation is a major issue that can cause the excessive formation of melanin leaving black spots on the face. Meladerm cream is proven to get rid of the acne marks, sun spots, freckles and other scars. People with uneven skin complexion can be benefitted by the regular application of the cream.

Application of the cream

  1. Wash your face thoroughly using a mild foaming agent.
  2. Apply a thin layer of the Meladerm cream such that it covers the face and the neck completely.

Repeat this twice a day to reveal Healthy and Glowing skin.

Final Verdict: Is Meladerm Cream Worth It?

yesAnswer: Yes!

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It takes less time to apply.

Effective on all skin types (Normal, Oily and Dry)

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Looking for meladerm cream price in India? Always buy the cream only from a trusted seller. Best way is book your orders only at the genuine site of the manufacturer: www.civantskincare.com

To get more benefits check

1. Civant Meladerm Antioxidant Facial Cleanser has been found to be an ideal product to clean off your face from any dirt
2. Meladerm purifying facial toner helps in maintaining the ph. balance and is the second step in your skin care routine.
3. Civant Meladerm Aha Exfoliating Serum smoothly removes the dead cells and improves the overall complexion of the skin.


  1. Hi does this really works, have any one tried if yes then pls revert your opinion. Only the real users of the product pls

  2. Hi. My name is avani and i am from bangalore. I want this product. How can i buy this from you.please send me the details

  3. Dear Mam,
    Please advice me best sunscreen for oily skin available in India to apply along with meladerm and is it ok to apply sunscreen at night. Thank you.

  4. I cannnot buy it through debit card.i have no any paypal.what will do?pls help

  5. Hello, I am 30 year old woman from Gurgaon. I want to know, whether I can use this cream or not to whiten my face and neck. Actually, due to pollution and dust my skin is getting dark and allergic. Please tell me, whether it’s suitable for me?

    • The Meladerm® Pigment Reducing Complex works very well to brighten the overall skin tone. Though there may be some whitening effects of the product after extended use, we do not recommend you use the cream for sole purpose of lightening your natural skin tone by a large degree.

  6. I dont have credit card.. how can i buy it from you? Pls help. I need this cream

  7. My personal meladerm cream review

    I am using for skin lightening and removing sun tan


    * One bottle lasts around 2months easily
    * Smells good
    * Started seeing results within 10days of use, in 3-4days skin felt soft and smooth.


    * Price and shipping is the only problem.

    all i can say just close eyes and buy this cream check yourself how good the cream is.

    • Hi Lakshmi,

      Apart from this if you are having sun tan apply lemon juice and honey mixture in the evening time. After 15-20 minutes wash your face. Do it twice a week.

    • Hi Lakshmi ,

      I am 38 yrs , single , working women . I have spent a lot of money using medicated sun screen & mela creams for my freckles . But the freckles seem to be increasing . Which product of yours would guarantee reducing & lightening of my freckles ? My face has no acne problems & I long for a clear face

      • Hi Dsouza,

        Meladerm® can help to reduce the appearance of freckles to an extent, but will not remove them completely. On average, you can expect to start seeing an improvement within 1 month of regular use. The use of a proper sunblock of at least SPF 30 during the day will greatly improve the effectiveness of our product. We recommend you try the Meladerm cream for yourself and see how well it can work for you.

  8. How i buy this cream i m from dehradun uttrakhand.. can you have cash on delivery process..

  9. I am from Hyderabad, Telangana. looking to buy meladerm from site, what is total cost?

    • The cost of meladerm around 75$ including shipping charges. They will courier allover India through postal service. Go ahead and purchase from makers site http://www.civantskincare.com.

      Shipping Details:

      Use the following link to convert USD prices to your country’s currency:


      They offering two different international delivery methods. USPS Priority mail is 24.99 USD, it offers tracking information and insurance that if the package does not arrive to you they will re-ship it following a postal investigation. The option delivers packages in about 7-14 business days.

      US Airmail is 8.99 USD, and it does not contain tracking information, therefore if the package gets lost in the mail they will not re-ship unless the package is returned to Civant Skin Care. Delivery with this option is approximately 14-30 business days.

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